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I have a JSON array:

      "Required" : true,
      "Validation" : {
        "MaxChars" : "40"
        "MinChars" : "10"

The code now:

 JSONObject formField = formListAdapter.formArray.getJSONObject(i);

 if(formField.has("Required") && formField.getBoolean("Required") == true){


With the aforementioned code, I can check if in the JSON there is a field with the name "Required" and if this is true. But how can check if the Validation has an attribute inside? and how can I check the name and the value of it? I.e. how can I check the number of the MaxChars or MinChars?

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You can use JSONObject#getJSONObject to get the JSONObject corresponding to the key and then you can perform the same operations to get the values from the key.

JSONObject validationObject = formField.getJSONObject("Validation");

or you can use a better way, Use jackson

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JSONObject validationObject = jsonObject.getJSONObject("Validation");
if (validationObject.has("MaxChars")) {
   int maxChars = validationObject.getInt("MaxChars");

// same for MinChars

To get the attribute names for validationObject, you can use:

String[] names = JSONObject.getNames(validationObject);
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You have to check the values of the "Validiation" object. I never had worked with json.org but i belive you can create a new JSONObject from it and read the values like you work with the object in the array.

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You want JSONObject.getJSONObject(String field) to get the enclosed JSON object.

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