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At the moment im trying to create a level class and a monster class, now in my AS code the level is created, and then the monster is created, but the monster seems to be put on top of the level graphic, I want the monsters to be under the graphic as they spawn and move to the middle screen,

This code is ran at the start of the file

addChild( levelStage );

when levelStage is created, this code is also ran

addChild( newMonster );

now the monster is on top of the levelStage graphic, i want the monster graphic to be below, should i create a new class called monsterManager which will be added to the stage first, and then spawn monsters that way? or would that not fix my problem?


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I would suggest a monsterLayer that you add before you add the levelStage. Then add your monsters to the monsterLayer.

var monsterLayer:Sprite = new Sprite;

// when adding monsters 
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You need to manage the display list

start here : http://www.republicofcode.com/tutorials/flash/as3displaylist/

But a simple solution right now would be to change the addChild( newMonster ); to

addChildAt( newMonster, 0 );

which puts it at the bottom of the display list behind everything else. To view it you'll need to use swapChild.

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