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I'm reading about SOA principals and patterns, but I can not understand what is an agnostic service. Do you have any straight forward definition of it? What is the concept and usage?

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A nice explanation can be found in Agnostic/non-agnostic revisited :

(i) agnostic services are not aware of the context in which they are being called, nor are they aware of how the service is implemented, which platform, technology etc.

(ii) non-agnostic services can have one or more forms of coupling or context (ie. process functional context).

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An Agnostic service is generic in nature / its independent of context. A Service something that is generalized so that it is interoperable among various systems.

An autonomous service which is self-contained.

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I think it means implementing services that can be used by any language that can make an HTTP request to it. The implementation language can be your choice - Java, .NET, Python, or anything else. Same for clients.

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