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i have a surfaceview update problem. I would like to create a lightweight augmented reality app, so i made a framelayout with camerapreview in the back, and an extended surfaceview on the front.

alParent = new FrameLayout(this);
        alParent.setLayoutParams(new LayoutParams(

        // Create a new camera view and add it to the layout
        cv = new CameraPreview(this,c);

        // Create a new draw view and add it to the layout
        dv = new DrawView(this);

After that, i am able to draw a circle on the camera picture, and that is great:

public class DrawView extends SurfaceView


private Paint textPaint = new Paint();
int x;
int y;
public DrawView(Context context) {


    // Create out paint to use for drawing
    textPaint.setARGB(255, 255, 255, 10);
    /* This call is necessary, or else the 
     * draw method will not be called. 

protected void onDraw(Canvas canvas){
    // A Simple Text Render to test the display
    canvas.drawText("Sunfinder", 50, 50, textPaint);
    canvas.drawCircle(x, y, 30, textPaint);

the problem is, that i would like to change x, and y, and redraw the circle often. I already know i have to use something like this:

protected void reDraw()
    SurfaceHolder surfaceHolder;
    surfaceHolder = getHolder();
     else System.out.println("problem");

(Note this is an example just to test if the circle moves) My question is how and where to call this function? I think it is complicated caused by the framelayout.

If i call it in the activity i coipied first (dv.redraw) i got a null pointer exception. Anyway, is it ok to have a while loop in the activity to recall this function all the time? i know it would be better in a thread, but the frame layout mess it up. Thank you for reading and for any help!

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i found a solution: I have to use the invalidate() function, and override the ondraw().

So the following link will redraw and update the screen. It changes nothing that cv is a in a framelayout.

public void onSensorChanged(SensorEvent event) { 



Hope it helps someone!

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