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Are there any tools or forks of TypeScript to support public namespace obfuscation? Ie to turn:

class MyUtil {
   print(): void { ... }

Into something like:

class xxy {
   aab(): void { ... }

If not, would be be straight forward to fork the compiler to provide this? Perhaps with some type of class annotation indication what should / shouldn't be obfuscated.

(Obviously public obfuscation has to be used carefully, no good for libraries! But great if used consistently across your project)

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I don't believe there is any reason to do this in TypeScript. You can instead use something like Closure Compiler to do the obfuscation on your JavaScript output. Specifically look into Closure's Advanced Compilation settings.

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I appreciate it could be done on plain JS with other tools. But I think it makes sense to do it as part of the TS compiler, it will reduce the number of separate tools you need to install if nothing else. I'd like to see TS offering minification and obfuscation options. –  user826840 Jan 1 '13 at 11:38

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