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I want to remove dependency on the location of EAR file while deploying it into WebLogic Server using WLST scripts.

While doing manually we can select the radio button - Copy this application onto every target for me in the Source accessibility section of Install Application Assistant.

Now the question is: how to achieve the same using WLST deploy command?

Thank you, Chaitanya

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I tried recording option in WL 10 to see what actually happens while deploying EAR. But the recorded file doesnt have anything other than: startEdit() activate() startEdit() – Chaitanya MSV Sep 11 '09 at 10:58
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Got this myself!!!

While doing manually I found out in the Summary section of the last page of Install Application Assistant that Copy this application to every target for me
is mentioned against Staging mode:

So I checked the WLST manual and found out that deploy function accepts stageMode parameter and the value of STAGE for stageMode parameter means what I want!

Check Server Staging Modes section at

Regards Chaitanya

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This question is really helps who got stuck in deployments using WLST. The best practices says use 'nostage' mode deployment so your answer shows the way to use stageMode as solution. Thanks for the sharing.

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