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I use this tutorial:


I didn't understand how to do these step:

We only created a role model. We're left with two choices- finish the scaffold for the role class or create the roles using the command console. I went with the latter as I have command line access to my production environment. I created the following roles, Admin, Moderator, and Author in this exact order. This will be important latter when we set a default user role.

I want to do the second option:

I don't know how I have to create the roles using the command console. I want to create the following roles: Admin and Worker in this exact order.

can someone write me the commands please?

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From the shell run bundle exec rails console. This opens up an IRB terminal with your Rails environment loaded, and you will have access to methods such as: Role.create({name: "Admin"})

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thank you but I got an error: Can't mass-assign protected attributes: name, so I have to add to the role model: attr_accessible :name, right? –  Alon Shmiel Dec 31 '12 at 14:19
Yes, or assign name on its own: role = Role.new; role.name = "Admin"; role.save –  sgrif Dec 31 '12 at 14:21

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