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I try to get CMSampleBufferRef from both AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureAudioDataOutput.


#import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

@interface AVCamRecorder : NSObject {
    @property (nonatomic,retain) AVCaptureVideoDataOutput *videoDataOutput;
    @property (nonatomic,retain) AVCaptureAudioDataOutput *audioDataOutput;



#import "AVCamRecorder.h"
#import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

@interface AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate) <AVCaptureVideoDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate>
@interface AVCamRecorder (AudioDataOutputDelegate) <AVCaptureAudioDataOutputSampleBufferDelegate>

-(id)initWithSession:(AVCaptureSession *)aSession

    self = [super init];
    if (self != nil) {

        AVCaptureAudioDataOutput *aAudioDataOutput =  [[AVCaptureAudioDataOutput alloc] init];

        AVCaptureVideoDataOutput *aMovieDataOutput = [[AVCaptureVideoDataOutput alloc] init];

        if ([aSession canAddOutput:aAudioDataOutput]) {
            [aSession addOutput:aAudioDataOutput];
        if ([aSession canAddOutput:aMovieDataOutput]) {
        [aSession addOutput:aMovieDataOutput];

        [aAudioDataOutput setSampleBufferDelegate:self queue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];
        [aMovieDataOutput setSampleBufferDelegate:self queue:dispatch_get_main_queue()];

        [self setAudioDataOutput:aAudioDataOutput];
        [self setVideoDataOutput:aMovieDataOutput];

        [self setSession:aSession];

    return self;

@implementation AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate)
- (void)captureOutput:(AVCaptureOutput *)captureOutput
       fromConnection:(AVCaptureConnection *)connection
    NSLog(@"VideoDataOutputDelegate = %@", captureOutput);

@implementation AVCamRecorder (AudioDataOutputDelegate)
- (void)captureOutput:(AVCaptureOutput *)captureOutput
       fromConnection:(AVCaptureConnection *)connection
    NSLog(@"AudioDataOutputDelegate = %@", captureOutput);

Strangely, I got video data in the "@implementation AVCamRecorder (AudioDataOutputDelegate)"

AudioDataOutputDelegate = <AVCaptureVideoDataOutput: 0x208a7df0>

I switched the order of "@implementation AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate)" and "@implementation AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate)", and I got

VideoDataOutputDelegate = <AVCaptureVideoDataOutput: 0x208a7df0>

It seems that I cannot setup 2 "captureOutput:didOutputSampleBuffer:fromConnection:". Otherwise, the data comes into either one.

Or, did I make mistake setting up "@implementation AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate)" and "@implementation AVCamRecorder (AudioDataOutputDelegate)"?

I think I do not need to separate callback, but I am just wondering what is wrong.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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You have defined 2 categories on the same class

AVCamRecorder (VideoDataOutputDelegate)
AVCamRecorder (AudioDataOutputDelegate)

declaring the same method

- (void)captureOutput:(AVCaptureOutput *)captureOutput
       fromConnection:(AVCaptureConnection *)connection;

This results in undefined behavior. See Avoid Category Method Name Clashes in the "Programming with Objective-C" guide:

If the name of a method declared in a category is the same as a method in the original class, or a method in another category on the same class (or even a superclass), the behavior is undefined as to which method implementation is used at runtime.

So your setup cannot work. You could instead

  • Define two separate classes, one as audio and one as video delegate,
  • define a single class category acting as audio + video delegate (and check in the callback method for which function it is called),
  • just use AVCamRecorder itself as audio + video delegate.
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Thank you so much!! It makes to me. Actually, I didn't understand category. I really appreciate. –  user1428156 Jan 1 '13 at 6:41

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