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Due to some issues with our mailserver we have lost a few svn commit emails.

Is there a way to manually send emails for those missed svn commits?

I tried the following

perl  $COMMIT_EMAIL --revprop-change <REPO> <REV> test test --from svnadmin@example.com -r recipient@example.com

But this returns 0 exit code and emails are not getting triggered.

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For commit emails you should just be able to run the hook script itself manually:

/path/to/repo/hooks/post-commit /path/to/repo revnum
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The same command perl $COMMIT_EMAIL <REPO> <REV> --from svnadmin@example.com -r recipient@example.com is there in the post-commit script with variables REPO and REV getting values from arguments. I ran that command too and that too returns 0 exit code without triggering email. –  pprakash Dec 31 '12 at 14:31
It did worked problem was the to email was not getting passed properly. Proper arguments to the script that worked was perl $COMMIT_EMAIL <REPO> <REV> --from svnadmin@example.com -r reply-to@example.com recipient@example.com –  pprakash Jan 1 '13 at 2:51

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