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I have an application I want to sale in Google Play. My application uses javamail-android as a library for a feedback form. So it can easily run without it. Here it is written, that source code is available under these licenses:

  • CDDL-1.0
  • GNU GPLv2
  • BSD

Does that mean that I can choose the type of licensing? For example, Can I choose CDDL-1.0 and don't open-source my project?

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Yes; you can choose to use the library under any of those three licenses.

However, you shouldn't do that.
Sending email from the client requires that you include an SMTP login in your app, allowing spammers to steal the login and send arbitrary emails.

Instead, you should send a POST request containing the feedback to a webservice that you control.

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Your answer is not actually correct. You cannot choose which license to apply. The reason three licenses are listed is because different source files have different licenses. You have to look at the source file to see which license applies to it. Basically if you use that project in your Android project and you 'distribute' it through play store you must open source your project. –  Yepher Oct 1 '13 at 19:16

When software is multi-licensed, recipients can choose which terms under which they want to use or distribute the software.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-licensing

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