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My collection in mongodb is similar to the following table in SQL:


Now, I need to execute a query like this:

  SUM(CASE WHEN Sentiment >0 THEN Sentiment ELSE 0 END) AS SumPosSenti, 
  SUM(CASE WHEN Sentiment <0 THEN Sentiment ELSE 0 END) AS SumNegSenti
FROM Sentiments
GROUP BY Company

What should I do to write this query in Mongo? I am stuck at the following query:

{ $project: {_id:0, Company:1, Sentiment: 1} },
{ $group: {_id: "$Company", SumPosSenti: {$sum: ? }, SumNegSenti: {$sum: ? } } }
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You might be able to use a $cond in the sum:… but it sounds like a butchery of speed and scalable querying, I can imagine this query was slow in SQL and will be slow here on a medium result set –  Sammaye Dec 31 '12 at 14:18
@Sammaye I am trying to replace '?' with {$cond: { Sentiment: { $gte: 0} } } . But that looks like a wrong syntax.. I'm not getting any output. –  Aafreen Sheikh Dec 31 '12 at 14:30
$cond works like an if statement exactly like a case, so the first expression would be: Sentiment >0 and then Sentiment and then 0 for the first $cond in the first $sum –  Sammaye Dec 31 '12 at 14:31

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As Sammaye suggested, you need to use the $cond aggregation projection operator to do this:

    { $project: {
        _id: 0,
        Company: 1,
        PosSentiment: {$cond: [{$gt: ['$Sentiment', 0]}, '$Sentiment', 0]},
        NegSentiment: {$cond: [{$lt: ['$Sentiment', 0]}, '$Sentiment', 0]}
    { $group: {
        _id: "$Company",
        SumPosSentiment: {$sum: '$PosSentiment'},
        SumNegSentiment: {$sum: '$NegSentiment'}
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Yup, working now :) Thanks! –  Aafreen Sheikh Dec 31 '12 at 15:11
+1 this feature is incredibly useful avoiding round-trip server-side in-memory calculations –  Jason Sebring Nov 9 '14 at 18:30
Possibly a new feature since this was written, but you can also embed the $cond into the $sum. Removing the $project entirely and altering the sums in the $group like so: {$sum: {$cond: [{$gt: ['$Sentiment', 0]}, '$Sentiment', 0]}} –  JBY Sep 25 at 17:53

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