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I am rolling my own exception library for C and would like good examples to examine.

So far, I have been looking at David Hanson's:

But I know I've seen other ones available in the past. Can you send me some additional pointers?



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Here is one, compatible with C89 and implementing the try/catch/finally schema as can be found in other OO languages.

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link not work :/ – yuan Mar 2 '13 at 5:10

Symbian implemented exceptions (called 'leaves') in terms of longjmp. This was C++ code, but translatable to C. There's a previous post about this.

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Take a look at XXL:

I found it quite usable in a previous project. Hasn't been updated in a while though.

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CException is simple exception handling in C. It is significantly faster than full-blown C++ exception handling but loses some flexibility. It is portable to any platform supporting setjmp/longjmp.

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