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I'm trying to create a CSV file (Excel or LibreOffice) which contains a formula that uses multiple arguments separated by a comma. The comma is interpreted as a field separator. Is it possible to escape the comma somehow so formula requiring commas can be used?

This works as expected:


This doesn't read correctly due to use of comma in formula:

=Confidence.Norm(.01, Stdev.p(A1:A10), 10)

Imagined solutions that don't work:

=Confidence.Norm(.01 \, Stdev.p(A1:A10) \, 10)
=Confidence.Norm(.01 ',' Stdev.p(A1:A10) ',' 10)
=+"Confidence.Norm(.01 \, Stdev.p(A1:A10) \, 10)"
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Try this:

"=Confidence.Norm(.01, Stdev.p(A1:A10), 10)"
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Thanks. That works in Excel. Works in LibreOffice if I use their formula names "=Confidence(.01, Stdev(A1:A10), 10)" I really thought your answer was going to be treated as text but, no, it really does get treated as a formula. –  BSalita Dec 31 '12 at 15:58
No problem - faced this issue a lot working with bibliographic data - i.e Author names, surname first etc etc :) Glad I could help. Happy New Year! –  BenjiBoyWick Dec 31 '12 at 16:03

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