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I think ZF2 appears to be overwriting my custom error handler.

In my initialisation, I'm setting the database, then doing the follow.

$errorHandling = new catalina\ErrorHandler($database);
    array($errorHandling, 'userErrorHandler')

    array($errorHandling, 'userExceptionHandler')

 * Configure the session management

$sessionOptions         = new DbTableGatewayOptions();
$sessionTableGateway    = new TableGateway('session', $database);
$saveHandler            = new DbTableGateway($sessionTableGateway, $sessionOptions);
$sessionManager         = new SessionManager(NULL, NULL, $saveHandler);

 * Start the session

It would appear that as soon as I start the session, my custom error handling is not obeyed. Any ideas what's not good?

Even setting it after the session has started doesn't seem to resolve it.

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Perhaps you should grep the ZF2 codebase for set_exception_handler? – Charles Jan 1 '13 at 1:32
Actually, it wasn't that - for some reason, a global variable was killing it - god I hate globals :/ – bear Jan 1 '13 at 1:35

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