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I keep recieving this error in Kohana when trying to access


When i'm on production. locally it works fine.. also when trying to enter Notifications on productions it works.. and my bootstrap is the same..

this is my bootstrap routes

Route::set('notifications', '(<controller>)(/<action>)', array('controller' => 'notifications|dailysales', 'action' => 'index|send'))
->defaults(array('controller' => 'notifications', 'action' => 'index'));

Route::set('sales', 'sales(/<action>)', array('action' => 'index|export'))
->defaults(array('controller' => 'sales', 'action' => 'index'));
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Does this problem appear in a different browsers? Or is it just a Chrome bug (possible roezer.com/fixing-chrome-bug-error-324-neterr_empty_response)? –  biakaveron Jan 1 '13 at 9:18

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First, the first route shouldn't have 2 optional parameters. Second, put some parenthesis in your pcre regex. Third, more specific routes should always go first:

Route::set('sales', 'sales(/<action>)', array('action' => '(index|export)'))
  'controller' => 'sales', 
  'action' => 'index'

Route::set('notifications', '<controller>(/<action>)', array(
   'controller' => '(notifications|dailysales)', 
   'action' => '(index|send)'
   'controller' => 'notifications', 
   'action' => 'index'

And lastly, check if your Kohana::$environment is being set properly and if the 'development' have any differences from the 'production' (different configs for each environment). The last thing "to blame" would be PHP version.

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