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I'm looking for reading object type bind to BindingSource.

In debugger mode I've drilled down BndingSource object and I've found non-public property named "BindType" what contains interested info.

(Also found property "ItemType" what contains also such info - but I'm not sure it will work if BS.Count == 0)

Can you please advice how to read / access that info ?

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I've found solution myself - giving it here - maybe helps someone :)

	private	static string ObjectHostedByBS (BocBindingSource bs) {
		if (bs == null) return string.Empty;

		ITypedList tl = bs as ITypedList;
		var a = tl.GetItemProperties(null);

		// no prop read
		if (a == null || a.Count == 0) return null;

		return a[0].ComponentType.Name;
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