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How do you espace special characters in string passed to to_tsquery? For instance, this kind of query:

select to_tsquery('AT&T');


NOTICE:  text-search query contains only stop words or doesn't contain lexemes, ignored


(1 row)

Edit: I also noticed that there is the same issue in to_tsvector.

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If you want 'AT&T' to be treated as a search word, you're going to need some customised components, because the default parser splits it as two words:

steve@steve@[local] =# select * from ts_parse('default', 'AT&T');
 tokid | token 
     1 | AT
    12 | &
     1 | T
(3 rows)
steve@steve@[local] =# select * from ts_debug('simple', 'AT&T');
   alias   |   description   | token | dictionaries | dictionary | lexemes 
 asciiword | Word, all ASCII | AT    | {simple}     | simple     | {at}
 blank     | Space symbols   | &     | {}           |            | 
 asciiword | Word, all ASCII | T     | {simple}     | simple     | {t}
(3 rows)

As you can see from the documentation for CREATE TEXT PARSER this is not very trivial, as the parser appears to need to be a C function.

You might find this post of someone getting "underscore_word" to be recognised as a single token useful:

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