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I am trying to write a Windows 7 batch script that moves the pics of my camera on a SD card to a directory on the HDD of my computer. This directory should contain the year and the month of the creation date of the pic.

Example file: E:\DCIM\100CANON\IMG_0190.jpg, 2012/12/31

To: C:\Users..Pictures\2012\12\

My idea was writing FOR loops for the year, month and day and then moving the files which are newer then the resulting date:

FOR /L %%Y IN (2014,-1,2011) DO ( FOR /L %%M IN (12,-1,1) DO ( FOR /L %%D IN (31,-1,1) DO ( ROBOCOPY E:\DCIM\100CANON\ C:\Users..Pictures\%%Y\%%M\ *.* /MAXAGE:%%Y%%M%%D /MOVE ) ) )

But that does not work becaues of the missing 0 in the months and days below 10...

Unfortunately, I have not got a good knowledge in Windows batch files coding.

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Since you are separating them by month, you will not need the day loop.

All I did was remove the day loop (excluding pictures older than the first day of each month) and added the if statements which will call the robocopy command with a padded month digit.

FOR /L %%Y IN (2014,-1,2011) DO (
    FOR /L %%M IN (12,-1,1) DO (
        if %%M LSS 10 ROBOCOPY E:\DCIM\100CANON\ C:\Users..Pictures\%%Y\0%%M\ *.* /MAXAGE:%%Y0%%M01 /MOVE /L
        if %%M GEQ 10 ROBOCOPY E:\DCIM\100CANON\ C:\Users..Pictures\%%Y\%%M\ *.* /MAXAGE:%%Y%%M01 /MOVE /L

I would also recommend using the /L option on robocopy to verify the results before actually moving the files! Just remove the /L when you are ready to actually move the files and not just display the files.

See robocopy /? for help.

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