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I am working on a Natural Language parser which examines a sentence in english and extracts some information like name, date etc.

for example: "Lets meet next tuesday at 5 PM at the beach."

So the output will be something like : "Lets meet 15/09/2009 at 1700 hr at the beach"

So basically, what i want to know is that is there any framework or library available for JAVA to do these kind of operations like parsing dates from a sentence and give a output with some specified format.

Regards, Pranav

Thanks for the replies. I have looked on few NLPs like LingPipe, OpenPL, Stanford NLP. I wanted to ask do they hav anything for date parsing for java.

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bump! I also have this problem and the proposed solutions don't seem to answer it – Alexey Grigorev Oct 8 '15 at 14:11
FYI, a later duplicate of this question, Generic Date Parsing Library from unstructured text – Basil Bourque Apr 2 at 1:30

Natty is a really good replacement for JChronic.

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I swear Natty handles pretty much everything. For example, 2 wednesdays from now can't be parsed by any other solution I've found. +1 – DMan Aug 28 '11 at 21:08
I have a system where I'm being fed strings from which I need to (on a best guess basis) remove URLs, anything which might be HTML and anything which might be a date - I've found Natty is excellent for the latter, but I've built exceptions for April, May and June, which are valid girls' names. – Stewart Apr 24 '13 at 14:28
Seems Natty has a problem with conflicting formats. Try 15/12/2004. It considers it as today 15th hour. – nawfal Jan 30 '14 at 9:10

You can use JChronic, the Java port of Chronic.

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Have you tried jchronic? However, I doubt any library could directly work with sentences: you'd have to extract sentence fragments and feeding them to a NLP date parsing framework yourself, perhaps on a trial-n-error basis (larger and larger fragments until the framework throws an error).

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I don't think there's any framework out there that does that out of the box. What you can do is create a set of regular expressions to match those patterns.

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I would suggest using UIMA with OpenNLP connectors and same hand made regexp rules.

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I wrote a NLP script in Python's NLTK and fed the results to Ruby's chronic.

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