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I built a Google Earth Navigation Project in C# for Kinect.

Problem is to install the Google Earth plugin for the browser window in my application.

I load a browser in my MainWindow. The browser window contains a HTML file with the Javascript for Google Earth.

It works perfectly on the most pcs. Just sometimes says the application's browser window "Google Earth Plugin is not installed". If I install the plugin ... no difference.

The plugin is definitely installed on the PC, all the other browsers are loading Google Earth just fine. The problem is just in the application.

How can I fix this?

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Question is way too vague, but, there are some things you learn about Google Earth after nearly four years of hackery...

  1. The version of the plugin installed on your development machine must exactly match the version of the plugin on the user's machine. There is a way around this with .NET 4.0 and dynamic interfaces/reflection. It's difficult to setup, so we'll assume you haven't done it and are suffering from this problem.
  2. You must compile the UI of your application, or at least the DLL containing the WebView to hold Google Earth in 32 bit mode. Google Earth won't run in a 64 bit web browser (which is what WebView is if you compile it as a 64 bit DLL.
  3. Check the version of IE on your client machines, make sure they're up to par
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apart from that it is already closed, I solved the problem. You were right with the point about the .NET version. But usually Visual Studio uses the right version automatically. The main problem is the 64-bit OS. I needed to use 32-bit as target-platform. To change the settings GOTO Project Settings -> build/ compile -> set checkmark on target platform to 32-bit –  Dominik Feininger Apr 10 '13 at 21:50

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