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I know i can do this via Generics, as below, but how do i build an Extension to return the parent type with using Generics?

Generic Extension signature:
public static TEnum FromString<TEnum>(this Enum par , string val ) where TEnum : Enum {
    return (TEnum) Enum.Parse(par.GetType(), val);
Signature style, i know it wont work but kinda what im looking for.
public static this FromString(this Enum par , string val ) {
    return Enum.Parse(par.GetType(), val);

basically i have a series of Enum's that are having their values parsed to string for one process and as a receiver i need to parse that string value to the Enum for validation. Ultimately if the string value is not a valid value in the Enumerator it will return a null, or default, value. Its the fact i need to be able to return the source Enumerator's type without having to do a generic.

If its not possible, thats kewl, just figured i would try to do it without generics and do it with the extension logic pattern.

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Is there a reason you don't want this done with Generics? –  Blachshma Dec 31 '12 at 17:14
already have it done as a generic, just wondering if its possible to do with extensions as a vice to generics. –  GoldBishop Dec 31 '12 at 17:19

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The short answer is no, you need the Generics to return the correct type of the Enum.
Otherwise, you'll just have the basic Enum type and not the specific type of your enum.

What you can do is create an extension method like this:

public static Enum FromString(this Enum par, string val)
    return (Enum) Enum.Parse(par.GetType(), val);    

But as you can see, you'll get a type of 'Enum' not of your specific enum.
On the other hand:

Enum val =  default(MyEnum).FromString("SomeEnumValue");
bool isEnum = val is MyEnum; // Returns True

As you can see val is of type MyEnum and isEnum returns true

This also works:

MyEnum val = (MyEnum)default(MyEnum).FromString("SomeEnumValue"); 
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too bad i cant create a generic and then extend that generic within the Enum. TY for the out of box examples. –  GoldBishop Dec 31 '12 at 17:45

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