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I have been trying to get the variable for the keyboardType
When i use nslog it returns about 10 values that are either 0 or 4

I have implemented custom behavior for the number pad keyboard so i need to check if it's the number pad or default keyboard that is showing up.
I have also tried to use self.view.tag to set it by view instead of keyboard.
The nslog for that returns all the tags of the previous view controllers that the application
has been through.

I think this may be because i'm reusing a single view controller class for each separate
controller. I am using a switch statements to determine what data to display based on the tag.

Is their a way to reset the tag in viewWillDisappear?

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Try assigning tag value to textfields and check which textfield became first responder in TF's delegate method -textFieldDidBeginEditing:

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The UIKeyboardType enumeration gives names to the keyboard type numbers:

switch (self.titleField.keyboardType) {
    case UIKeyboardTypeDefault:
        NSLog(@"default keyboard");
    case UIKeyboardTypeNumberPad:
        NSLog(@"number pad keyboard");
        NSLog(@"unexpected keyboard type %d", self.titleField.keyboardType);
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