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The following code is supposed to perform a click function on each element in the matching set delaying the click by 200ms before it takes effect on each element.

        pdel += 200;

It all happens at the same time, the timeout function is not working.

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I'm assuming pdel was declared outside of the each. But you'll want your setTimeout to use a function, otherwise you are passing the result of the .click() method to the setTimeout.

Try this:

var pdel = 0;
    }, pdel);
    pdel += 200;
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Remove window and reset the time function as a jQuery function:

var pdel = 0;
        setTimeout(function(){ $('a.last').click(); },pdel);
        pdel += 200;


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What does the $(".panel") have to do in this code? Is it about the amount of elements with class "panel"?

Just count the amount of $(".panels"):

var c = $(".panels").length;
var pdel = 200;
for(var i = 0; i < c; i++) {
    window.setTimeout(function() { /* your function */ }, pdel*c)

And do you really every 200ms want all a.last-elements to be clicked. Not just the one in the corresponding .panel? So the inner function would be:

function() { $(".panels").eq(c).find("a.last").click() }
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