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Is it possible to get all comments for a video with the new (experimental) YouTube API v 3.0?

I only found how to get "activities" (in their terminology comment is a kind of activity) originating from a given account.

The api page says the api is not feature complete, so it is quite possible that functionality is not yet made available. Although I might've just missed it.

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I'm pretty sure 3.0 can only get a comment count right now. –  Gunther Fox Dec 31 '12 at 18:31
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There's no support for retrieving comments using v3 of the API. We can't make any commitments to add in support for reading/writing comments at this time, so if your application depends on them, using v2 is required.

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Since v2 has now been officially depreciated - is there any supported way to read or write comments via the API? –  jackweirdy Apr 5 at 22:55
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