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Opposite of %in%

What is the opposite of


!%in% does not work.

I would like to select items that do not contain a certain number.

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You want:

matrix[!matrix %in% 1,]

For clarity's sake, I prefer this, even though the parentheses aren't necessary.

matrix[!(matrix %in% 1),]

Also note that you need to be aware of FAQ 7.31: Why doesn't R think these numbers are equal?.

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If you find yourself using @Joshua's suggestion often, you could easily make your own %notin% operator.

`%notin%` <- Negate(`%in%`)
'a' %notin% c('b', 'c')
# [1] TRUE
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or '%!in%' even :) –  RyanGrannell Dec 31 '12 at 20:50

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