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Possible Duplicate:
Running Win32 apps compiled for ARM on Windows RT

I have a Windows app that I compile via Codewarrior and Windows 2003 SDK. It has worked great for me. I currently use Windows XP.

Can I somehow copy it to my Surface RT and run it?

Do I need to upgrade to Windows 8 and move to VC++ 2012?

EDIT: So i think I am seeing that it wont work without Windows 8 and VC++ for Surface RT as it is ARM based.

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No, you have to recompile it for the new processor.

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  1. You have to recompile it for ARM processor.
  2. You must sign your app by Microsoft!

Unfortunately, Microsoft only supports metro-style app for Windows RT and don't sign your app. Windows desktop app not supported in Windows RT.

But you can use some method to bypass signature check:

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