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I am trying to extract the strings from a Java project using xgettext with the following line:

xgettext --lanaguage=Java C:\workspace\HelloWorldJava\src\com\

and I get the following error:

language 'Java' unknown

When I remove the --lanaguage=Java parameter and execute the same line I get the following:

warning:file 'C:\workspace\HelloWorldJava\src\com\' extension 'java' is unknown; will try C

How do I make xgettext support i18n Java?

I am running xgettext win 32 binary ("GNU gettext for WIN32") on Windows 7 64-bit from here:

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Really --lanaguage=...? Twice used. – Joop Eggen Jan 2 '13 at 14:24
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I guess you have installed a quite old version of Gettext. By inspecting the source code of the package available on the URL you provided, Java support is not available. You should download and install a newer Gettext port for Windows.

Django's documentation includes some easy-to-follow instructions to install Gettext on Windows.

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