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Using StringEscapeHandling.EscapeNonAscii with Json.NET

The latest release of Json.NET (4.5.11) contains StringEscapeHandling.EscapeNonAscii, which escapes all non ASCII chars. But, I can't figure out how to use it. The docs don't seem to have any examples that I can find (only a release note announcing it).

Could someone show an example of serializing an object into a JSON string, using EscapeNonAscii?

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Maybe this example can help

string obj = "abcn\n\rüö&/<>";
Console.WriteLine(Serialize(obj, StringEscapeHandling.Default));
Console.WriteLine(Serialize(obj, StringEscapeHandling.EscapeHtml));
Console.WriteLine(Serialize(obj, StringEscapeHandling.EscapeNonAscii));

public static string Serialize(object o,StringEscapeHandling stringEscapeHandling)
    StringWriter wr = new StringWriter();
    var jsonWriter = new JsonTextWriter(wr);
    jsonWriter.StringEscapeHandling = stringEscapeHandling;
    new JsonSerializer().Serialize(jsonWriter,o);
    return wr.ToString();
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Just hit the same problem. Is there any way to do this using standard JsonConvert.Serialize object to preserve other settings? –  chester89 Jan 20 '14 at 10:53

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