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I have azure mobile server and i want push notification using schedular job , 
  But when i run for testing is fire error. Can any one guide me 
  what is problem and solution ?
        Shedular Script:
        function push() {                       
            setTimeout(function() {
                push.apns.send("XXXXXXdeviceTokenXXXXX", {
                    alert: "Toast: ", badge: 8            
                    error : function(err) {
                        console.log('error on 123.');
            }, 2500);    
        ERROR Code: 
            TypeError: Cannot call method 'send' of undefined
                at Object._onTimeout (</scheduler/push.js>:8:19)
                [external code]
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By defining your function name as push, you're overriding the global push object, which contains the apns member with a send function. Try defining the function in your script with a different name.

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Thanks For lot for solve to my problem. –  vikram jain Jan 2 '13 at 5:41
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