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I want to select the rows that are matched with the one or more criteria.

Example Table and data


1 BBC   news,finance

2 CNN   music,finance,sports

3 CNBC  music,sports,finance

User search criteria will be sports,finance (can be more than one keywords separated by comma) which I prepare into list of keywords string before I query.

When I use the sql (1) like below, it only selects CNN and CNBC.

SELECT * from channel where Keywords LIKE '%sports%' OR '%finance%';

But when I use the sql(2) like below, show BBC,CNN, CNBC.

SELECT * from channel where Keywords LIKE '%finance%' OR '%sports%'

My requirement is I want to select all the rows that are matched the keywords (in the above example: sports,finance should get BBC,CNN and CNBC as all of three have finance).

As user inputs will be a String(sports,finance,etc) , I am just making an query based on the varied input.

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You database engine INNODB or MYISAM? –  Saharsh Shah Jan 1 '13 at 6:07
engine is INNODB –  kitokid Jan 1 '13 at 6:08

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FROM table1
WHERE FIND_IN_SET('finance', keywords) or
      FIND_IN_SET('sports', keywords)

or using LIKE

from table1 
where Keywords LIKE '%sports%' OR 
      Keywords LIKE '%finance%'
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Better to use the Union query Than OR. multiple Or query take more time to perform.

FROM channel
WHERE FIND_IN_SET('finance', keywords) 
FROM channel
      FIND_IN_SET('sports', keywords)
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why union is better than or? –  John Woo Jan 1 '13 at 6:21

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