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does anybody know a good, flexible and free component for automatic application updating beside ClickOnce (not necessarily .NET only)? In the past there was the Updater Application Block from Microsoft. But as far as i know its not maintained anymore.

What Technology are you using to keep you applications up to date?

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Try PADUpdater it's freeware and doesn't need any configuration as it uses your PAD.XML file to get the settings.

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We have designed our own updater logic based on WiX & .NET for our .NET apps. Logic is fairly simple and couple with continuous integration (so that we can fire a new release in a single click). Everything is released as open source. You can have a look at the code at http://code.google.com/p/lokad-sdk/ and more precisely at http://tinyurl.com/kwrhvo (direct app source code).

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