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I am porting some code from Gcc to visual c 6 but i got some error while compiling this code

XMLNode::XMLNode( const string & _name, const string & _value ) :
    XMLAbstractNode::XMLAbstractNode( _name, xml_node ),
    value( _value )
{// No code here.

it compiles on mingw gcc code blocks but get follwing error when compiling on visual c 6 it gives follwing error

error C2436 member function or nested class in constructor initializer list

what is meaning of abobe code as begiiner to c++ XMLNODE is drived class calling parent class constructor XMLABSTRACTNode with parameters .but wht is , value(_value) here how to compile code on vc6

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I think VC 6 complains about the initialization of the super class. Try the following code (replace the doubled class name XMLAbstractNode::XMLAbstractNode with just XMLAbstractNode):

XMLNode::XMLNode( const string & _name, const string & _value ) :
    XMLAbstractNode( _name, xml_node ),
    value( _value )
    // No code here.

The code value(_value) just initializes the member variable value with the passed string _value.

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