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I'm a bit hardly to get string from Interrupt 4 function. but when I try to get single character and shown in the LCD 2*16 it's works well. but when I try to get the string from "dot[i]" variable, for showing to the LCD, it doesn't work.

this my code :

void Init_SerialT2()
     //timer 2 Osilator 12 MHz
     SetTRCLK(1,1); /*using for send and receive function*/
     SM0 = 0;
     SM1 = 1;       /* register serial control mode1 = 8 bit UART*/
     TH2 = 0x5;
     TL2 = 0x124;
     RCAP2H = 0xff; /*RCAP2 0xffd9 baut rate 9600 at F osilator 12Mhz*/
     RCAP2L = 0xd9; 
     C_T2 = 0;      /* using As timer function*/
     REN = 1;       /* Receive enable*/
     TR2 = 1;   /* Timer 2 start*/

volatile unsigned char RX_IN_CHR_UART[16]; // global var
void Interrupt_TerimaChar() interrupt 4
    volatile unsigned int i =0;
    volatile unsigned char ch;
    volatile unsigned char *dor;

      ch = SBUF;
      RI =0;
          RX_IN_CHR_UART[i] = ch;  // save character int array
          dor[i]= RX_IN_CHR_UART[i];
       //LCD_senddata(ch); // test to get char it's works
       ES =1;   

for the compiler I using Keil v4

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What do you mean by "doesn't work"? –  tomxey Jan 1 '13 at 8:29
I mean when I trying to showing the character from "dor[i]" variable, at the LCD for the result its not showing anything character. –  Adhy Jan 1 '13 at 8:40
dor[i]= RX_IN_CHR_UART[i]; the dor variable has been declared as char *, but is not initialised. It points to a random location. –  wildplasser Jan 1 '13 at 8:50

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