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in my application i am add file into my list box (my list box contain 3 column):

lvFiles.Items.Add(new ListViewItem(new string[]
    (new FileInfo(filePath)).FullName, duration, "Waiting"

lvFiles.Items[i].Text show me only the file name and i need the whole path

i want the option to show in my Listview only the file name: new FileInfo(filePath)).Name but when i call to my class who need the full path: myClass = new myClass(lvFiles.Items[i].Text); in this case i want to send the whole file path: new FileInfo(filePath)).FullName

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You can utilize the Tag property of the control. Set the Text to FileInfo.Name and set the Tag for ListViewItem to the full path. Like:

ListViewItem item = new ListViewItem(new[] {FileInfo(filePath)).Name, duration, "Waiting"});
item.Tag= FileInfo(filePath)).FullName;

and then later

myClass = new myClass(lvFiles.Items[i].Tag.ToString());
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For this you need to add one more column for Only File name. And retrive the data from that column. Full File path Column can be hided if not required.

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