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Let describe My situation:

I want to create simple Data-Modifier, which have only DataGrid on page and that grid can bind to any table (Choose by User) in DataBase which Specified via application Connection-String. at the end User can save this grid (as forms) with Table binding.

I create this Data-Modifier in Wpf for User who in charge to Create Forms, and decide to use Silverlight as Preview and Execute these Form by User.

In Order to create these project's, I test Data-table, and find it perfect for my usage.It can load any Struct with just simple Select-Command (Loud and Clear). Also Data-Table can told me which row has change (inserted, updated and deleted). even get each row as DataRow(it's awsome).

But there is one big Problem here: SilverLight does not support system.data. I really Confused.

Q: How Create manually DataTable-Class with Blow Condition's

  1. That class must have property like 2d array which return data.
  2. That class (or inside Property) can fill data grid property.
  3. Data-Grid-Row's can delete, insert or update and so that class must have an ability to work with grid.
  4. That Class can get list of changed row's with state.
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I don't know the answer offhand however I'll mention a few things that come to mind here. I'll mention the obvious and what you see to have found, that Silverlight only uses a subset of the .NET Framework used by WPF. Are you using asynchronous WCF RIA calls? I believe it is a requirement so that Silverlight doesn't become locked if there are network problems. –  DisplacedGuy Jan 11 '13 at 5:57
Thanks GisplacedGuy, I keep that in my mind –  Rev Jan 13 '13 at 5:56

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