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I am using POS for .Net framework version 1.12 for one of my project.

Microsoft POS for .NET is a class library that is part of Microsoft Windows Embedded for Point of Service.

    private PosPrinter GetReceiptPrinter()
        PosExplorer posExplorer = new PosExplorer(this);
        DeviceInfo receiptPrinterDevice = posExplorer.GetDevice(DeviceType.PosPrinter);
        return (PosPrinter)posExplorer.CreateInstance(receiptPrinterDevice);

above is the sample code for find the printer. Now my issue is that POS is not able to detect the printer but only open simulator with data when i run my application.

can anyone please help me ?

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Is your printer details(LDN) getting added to the configuration file?? – NOOB Jan 19 '13 at 14:07

I had developed an application for a POS running Windows CE as the operating System but for that POS, the manufacturer provided a custom dll for invoking the operations of the printer which I consumed in my C# code. Check with the POS manufacturer and see if they are providing custom dll for the same.

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Your line of code

DeviceInfo receiptPrinterDevice = posExplorer.GetDevice(DeviceType.PosPrinter);

will return the default or first PosPrinter found, which in your case looks like it is the simulator.

You need to either (1) Iterate over the collection of printers and somehow select the one you want. i.e.

foreach (DeviceInfo deviceInfo in explorer.GetDevices(DeviceType.PosPrinter))
    if (isThisThePrinterIWant(deviceInfo))   // user defined function (maybe lookup saved preference file)
        return (PosPrinter)posExplorer.CreateInstance(deviceInfo );
} // Note: GetDevices() not GetDevice()

or (2) Set a logical name for your printer (using software that came with your printer, or the POSDM utility included with Pos for .Net SDK) and change the above line to

DeviceInfo receiptPrinterDevice = posExplorer.GetDevice(DeviceType.PosPrinter, "madeUpLogicalName");

or (3) Simply set the desired printer as the default printer, and leave your code the way it is.

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