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I am using ExtJs 4.1

I have Grid with Grouping enabled. So there I can see the "Show in Group" menu on Grids header.

Now , my query is , If I have removed Grouping , i.e. unchecked the checkbox for "Show in Group". So Grouping gets removed. Right ? Now If I have set the Grouping i.e. How I can set the check box to checked? manually i.e. through coding. Now by clicking on the check box.

Here by default we get Show in Gorups "Checked" enter image description here

Now I have removed the checked enter image description here

Now I want to checked this CheckBox , and show the Grouping using javascript coding

Please suggest How this is possible?

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1 Answer

To enable/disable grouping use Ext.grid.feature.Grouping:

var feature = Ext.Array.filter(grid.features, function(f) {
    return Ext.Array.contains(f.alias, 'feature.grouping');

To change grouping field use group method on store:


Sample code: http://jsfiddle.net/czddU/

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