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Here is what I have in my rack app

#rb file
require 'pry'
class .....

group :development do
    gem "pry"
    gem "pry-nav"

Of course, in production it causes an error. How do make a kind of "require if"?

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require 'pry' if ENV['RACK_ENV'] == 'development'
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May be you can embed it inside a if block

according to docs Sinatra provides a environment variable http://www.sinatrarb.com/intro#Environments

if development?
 require 'pry'

wherever you need to use it.

this may not be the exact solution you may be looking for just a wild guess

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I suggest to write such method in Object or Kernel in your app:

def require_pry
  require 'pry' if ENV['RACK_ENV'] == 'development'

After that you can call require_pry if you need it in your code. But I have doubts why it cannot be handled by Bundler, Bundle.require will require all gems needed for environment.

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