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I am using JavaScript to create a SOAP request. I have 3 input fields of which only one is mandatory. How do I make the other two optional ? I do NOT want to assign a default value to the two optional inputs

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Do you want to validate the fields or what? I try to understand what this has to do with SOAP. Please post your code and explain to use where you are stuck. –  Felix Kling Jan 1 '13 at 11:08
This is my soap request: '<input name="ROLLNO" value="' + rn+ '"/>' + '<input name="STDX_MARKS" value="' + stdx+ '"/>' + '<input name="STDX11_MARKS" value="' + stdx11+ '"/>' + '<input name="TECH_TEST" value="' + tt+ '"/>' + <input name="COMM_TEST" value="' + ct+ '"/>' + '<input name="SSKILLS_TEST" value="' + sst+ '"/>' + The input values are entered through a HTML form. Only ROLLNO is the mandatory field. So in the soap request, how can I not pass other values? –  wenge Jan 2 '13 at 3:40

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