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I'm trying to do a singleton pattern using AspectJ and the clause pertypewithin.

This is for educational purpose to fully understand the clause, i already did this using other techniques but i can't make it work as i wish.

package resourceManager;

//For every Type that extends resource
public aspect ResourcePool pertypewithin(resource+) {
    //The resource      
    public Object cached;

Object around(Object instance): execution( *.new(..))&&!within(resource)&&this(instance){

    System.out.println(instance+" "+ cached);

    return cached;


My problem is that at the end i return cached but the new object in my main function will hold the value of instance. Inside the aspect it behaves as it should: the first time i instantiate a resource, cached and instance will hold the same value, the secondo time, they will differ.

instance: resourceManager.RB@4ffac352 cached: resourceManager.RB@4ffac352
instance: resourceManager.RB@582d6583 cached: resourceManager.RB@4ffac352

But when i print the 2 new objects, this happens:

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Can you include the entire program here? Hard to understand what is happening without seeing the main method. It also looks like your sample program output does not match what you have in your sample code. –  Andrew Eisenberg Jan 2 '13 at 17:26
Another comment. Your question title is misleading. pertypewithin does not make a singleton aspect. Singleton aspects are only created when there is no per-clause in the aspect declaration. If I am understanding your question correctly, you should be asking "Aspect instantiation in AspectJ with pertypewithin". –  Andrew Eisenberg Jan 2 '13 at 17:27

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