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I am developing a website in and have this problem:

 string price = row["Price"].ToString();
 string discount = row["Discount"].ToString();

This code is for taking data from a DataTable and it is working correctly. Both are floating point values(12,50.75...). In my program I want to subtract "discount" from "price" and assign the result to a new string. Suppose string price contains 50 and string discount contains 23.5, then I want 26.5 in the new string. How do I accomplish this?

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why are you not converting the values to floats? then do the math then convert it back to string... – AMember Jan 1 '13 at 11:46
Thank you.Let me know how can i convert it into float.Visual studio is not showing an option for that. – sami Jan 1 '13 at 11:49
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You can you the below code:

    string strPrice =  row["Price"].ToString();
    string strDiscount =row["Discount"].ToString();
    string strFinal = (Convert.ToDouble(strPrice) - Convert.ToDouble(strDiscount)).ToString();
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string newPrice = (double.Parse(price)-double.Parse(discount)).ToString();
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string strDiff = (Convert.ToDouble(row["Price"].ToString()) - Convert.ToDouble(row["Discount"].ToString())).ToString();
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you can convert double string variable to double using Convert.ToDouble or using double.Parse() function. for difference between these two check

double price ,discount,amount;
string result = null;
price = double.Parse(row["Price"].ToString());
discount = double.Parserow["Discount"].ToString());
amount = price - discount;
string result = Convert.ToString(amount);
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yes you can do like this way

double amount=(convert.toDouble(row["price"].tostring()))-(convert.toDouble(row["Discount"].tostring()));

string Totalamount=amount.tostring();
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try this..

 double amount=(convert.todouble(row["price"].tostring()))-(convert.todouble(row["Discount"].tostring()));
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You need double.Parse to make them number and perform arithmetic operations on them.

double price = double.Parse(row["Price"].ToString());
double discount = double.Parse(row["Discount"].ToString());

double amount = price - discount;
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you need a leading paranteces after Parse in second line dude. – Mahdi Tahsildari Jan 1 '13 at 11:53
Thanks worked for me – sami Jan 1 '13 at 11:54

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