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How to make a queue for downloading large images... I used Service for that. The queue is also dynamic. If user starts downloading for 3 images, I start my service for downloading 3 images. but user can add also more images for download but I have to add in queue and one by one download all images.

Can I use handler in Service? Can I use handler.sendMessage(msg1) and handler.sendMessage(msg2)? I don't know the method in handler handleMessage(msg) maintain queue smartly.

Is msg1 and msg2 handled simultaneously or in queue? If it is handled one by one then It solves my problem (means msg2 is handled after completion of msg1).

Or is there any queue management process available?

Here is I want to make queue for downloading images and that downloaded image id i want to store, but if there is any queue that maintain some task,process then it will be great and smarty queue.

Download files in queue in Android did not give me satisfaction.

Need help, Thanks.

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Handler itself manages queue of messages

This can use in Service.

I made sample.. I'm going to use custom processes in queue... here is for download..

public class MainActivity extends Activity {

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    Message msg = h.obtainMessage();
    msg.what = 0;
    msg.obj = "url1";

    Message msg1 = h.obtainMessage();
    msg1.what = 1;
    msg1.obj = "url2";

    Message msg2 = h.obtainMessage();
    msg2.what = 2;
    msg2.obj = "url2";

    Message msg3 = h.obtainMessage();
    msg3.what = 3;
    msg3.obj = "url3";

Handler h = new Handler() {

    public void handleMessage(Message msg) {
        Log.e("", "handleMessage(msg) " + msg.what);
        download("" + System.currentTimeMillis(), "" + msg.obj);

private void download(String name, String link) {

    try {

        // Debug.e("", photo.imagename);
        URL url = new URL(link);
        HttpGet httpRequest = new HttpGet(url.toURI());

        HttpClient httpclient = new DefaultHttpClient();
        HttpResponse response = (HttpResponse) httpclient

        HttpEntity entity = response.getEntity();
        BufferedHttpEntity bufHttpEntity = new BufferedHttpEntity(entity);
        InputStream input = bufHttpEntity.getContent();

        File outPutFile = new File(
                Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), name);
        OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(outPutFile);

        try {
            byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
            int bytesRead = 0;
            while ((bytesRead = input.read(buffer, 0, buffer.length)) >= 0) {
                output.write(buffer, 0, bytesRead);

        } finally {

        // Toast.makeText(mContext, "Download completed",
        // Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

        // incrementCounter(Constant.ACTION_DOWNLOADS, photo.iid);

    } catch (Exception e) {


Other best practices is welcomed...

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