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I'm working on a magento project (v1.3.2.3) and i've installed the vertnav extension.

Contents vertnav.xml:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<layout version="0.1.0">
        <reference name="left">
            <block type="vertnav/navigation" name="catalog.vertnav" template="vertnav/left.phtml" before="-" />

This should show the vertnav on every page (correct me if im wrong)

Something weird is happening when changing error reporting from "E_ALL | E_STRICT" to "E_ALL | ~E_STRICT" in index.php

When set to E_ALL | E_STRICT the vertnav is NOT showed in the left bar.

When set to E_ALL | ~E_STRICT vertnav becomes visible.

I think this is really weird behaviour, hoping someone knows more about it.

Other blocks behave like normal.

Another issue we run into, and proberly related to this. We get a strict warning (only variables can be passed by reference; something like that) when accessing the admin directory (only on the live server), this is why we're considering to set error_reporting to ~E_STRICT.

Offcourse our goal is to leave error_reporting set to E_ALL | E_STRICT but vertnav should be visible and admin accessible.

Going crazy :-)

// Roland

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I'm not sure how this could be related to this at all.

But just one quick hint: if you want to set error reporting to E_ALL but not E_STRICT use:


instead of:


It might not make any difference, but that's the proper way to work with bitmasks(for more informations see this).

Also have you checked the contents of the Magento log file?

Path: install_dir/var/log/system.log

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