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i need to parse html like :

<div class="item"><div class="title">title 1</div><div class="date">day 1</div></div>
<div class="item"><div class="title">title 2</div><div class="date">day 2</div></div>
<div class="item"><div class="title">title 3</div><div class="date">day 3</div></div>

Actually i do something like this :

$title = $xpath->query('//div[@class="title"]//text()');
foreach ($title as $title)
  $title = trim($title->nodeValue);

$date = $xpath->query('//div[@class="date"]//text()');
foreach ($date as $date)
  $date = trim($date->nodeValue);

But with this i take only one item, so i looking for the proper way to get all the items in the same while.

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You probably want to loop over the item elements, then find their respective title and date text.

$items = $xpath->query('//div[@class="item"]');
foreach ($items as $item) {
    $title = $xpath->evaluate('string(div[@class="title"])', $item);
    $date  = $xpath->evaluate('string(div[@class="date"])', $item);
    echo "$title $date\n";

» See the above example running online.

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Perfect, thank you i wasnt know about "evaluate" :) –  Tahola Jan 1 '13 at 17:32

I don't really understand your problem. The loops work as expected and you can just accumulate all titles and dates in an array for example. Although I wouldn't reuse the same variable names again.

$titles = $xpath->query('//div[@class="title"]//text()');
foreach ($titles as $title)
    $all_titles[] = trim($title->nodeValue);

$dates = $xpath->query('//div[@class="date"]//text()');
foreach ($dates as $date)
    $all_dates[] = trim($date->nodeValue);

codepad for testing.

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