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I'm working on an image heavy web site that's essentially got three designs for multiple screens: smart phone, tablet and desktop.

The main feature of this site is background/fullscreen images. Has anyone got any recommendations regarding the suggested sizes that these background images should be?

They'll all be progressive jpegs as that seems the most sensible path for resizing and optimisation.

Handling the different images sizes will be another test, but essentially it seems sensible to handle it on the client side since this design allows for a polite loader.

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I would recommend formatting for a non-retina phone such as the iPhone 3Gs at 480x320, a retina iPhone 5 at 1136x640, a retina iPad at 2048x1536, a retina mac book pro at 2880x1800. Then setup your media queries to pick the best of those sizes for non-retina ipad, standard desktop (your default image), and the Google Nexus 10 which has a display near the MBP retina (2560x1600).

For background images you will want to use media queries. For fullscreen images what I've done is implement a JavaScript module that allows you to imitate the picture element proposed by the Responsive Images Community Group. Or if you prefer you could go the "srcset" route.

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