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I've been wondering if browsers fire any event when select box is dynamicaly populated? I would expect 'onchange' being fired, but that doesn't happen.

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As it has been pointed out already, onchange event is responsible for User-made changes. However, when you change the DOM programmatically, the DOM Mutation event is fired by some browsers, but that standard is not very well supported.

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Mutation events might be what you're looking for. They feature options like DOMSubtreeModified, DOMNodeInserted, and some others. Apparently there is a jQuery project on github to include support for Mutation-events. Check it out at http://github.com/jollytoad/jquery.mutation-events/tree/master

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You won't get mutation events in IE, certainly not up to and including version 7. –  Tim Down Sep 11 '09 at 14:28
@Tim: I agree. –  Jonathan Sampson Sep 11 '09 at 14:32

Not that I'm aware of. For the most part, the only events that are dispatched are those initiated by the user.

A <select> receiving new options is technically initiated by the browser (even though it may happen as a result of a user action).

Although I agree that it would be particularly useful and cool if you could listen for changes on any arbitrary DOM property and bind handlers to react to those changes.

You can, however, look into a signals and slots implementation in javascript which might help you.

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