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I am trying to run a custom sql on a batch session object

@Insert("INSERT INTO ticker(Ticker, GetUpdate) VALUES(#{symbol}, 1) ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE GetUpdate = 1")
void enableQuoteforSymbol(@Param("symbol") String symbol);

but my following code, which is responsible for flushing and committing the batches have some mysterious behavior

while(true == continueProcessing.get())
    List<BatchResult> batchResult;
        batchResult = batchSqlSession.flushStatements();

        if(batchResult.size() > 0 )

    catch (Exception ex) 
        logger.error("BatchService::run() - ", ex);

it executes perfectly and batchSqlSession.flushStatements() does give back number of executed statements. Despite of successful execution of previous batch, this code batchResult = batchSqlSession.flushStatements(); and batchSqlSession.commit(); reruns the same old batch in next iteration. why ?

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Looks like it is a bug: http://code.google.com/p/mybatis/issues/detail?id=695

Aready fixed for the next version.

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