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I found this quite hard to find from searching but quite simply, how do you remove controls from a panel? I have some wxStaticText and wxTextCtrl and I want to swap delete the existing items and replace them with new ones? Is there some sort of command I can call or do I have to make something myself? Cheers

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EDIT: as ravenspoint pointed out, simply deleting the control is not enough. Some controls perform additional cleanup in Destroy().

You can simply Destroy() the control. wxWidgets will automatically remove it from the parent window and free its memory.

wxWindow* ctrl = new wxStaticText(this);
ctrl = new wxTextCtrl(this);

If you do not have a pointer to the control, you can use FindWindowById, FindWindowByLabel or FindWindowByName to obtain it:

if(wxWindow* ctrl = wxWindow::FindWindowById(ID_MYCTRL,this))

If the control was added to a sizer, it has to be replaced while it is still valid:

newCtrl = new wxWindow(...);
sizer->Replace(oldCtrl,newCtrl); // both oldCtrl and newCtrl must be valid
Layout(); // update sizer

Alternatively, you could create a wxTextCtrl from the start and make it read-only. However, additional style modifications would be required to make it look like a wxStaticText (for example the background color, border etc).

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It is dangerous to simply call delete on the pointer. You might end up with messages being sent to a deleted window. It is better to call Destroy(). – ravenspoint Jan 1 '13 at 19:56
@ravenspoint You are correct. Some controls perform additional cleanup in Destroy() which is not done by the destructor. – Anonymous Coward Jan 1 '13 at 21:18

The simplest thing to do is to hide the widget.

However, if you want to permanently remove the widget, then call Destroy

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