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I have restored a solution from my previous, trashed Vista laptop to my newly installed XP laptop, both VS 2008 SP1. In a folder called Rhino, I have a solution called Rhino.sln, and a web site in a folder called Rhino. When I open the solution, VS only opens the project.

Note that when I copied the root Rhino folder to my new machine, I received a complaint that 'the folder already contains an item called Rhino'. I don't know what this indicates, but I just assumed another svn confusion somewhere, and recreated the solution, and copied the existing web site over and added it.

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There is an option in VS 2008, under Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions: Always show solution that is off by default. Been so long since I installed VS I still can't remember seeing it before.

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Yep, projects never exist on their own in VS. There's always a solution somewhere. – NYSystemsAnalyst Sep 11 '09 at 14:36

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