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Nautilus shows me a thumbnail of a file, if its an image it will show me a preview, if its a video it will show a frame from the video, if its a document it will show me the application icon.

How can I access the image?

I see they are cached in ~/.thumbnail/ however they are all given unique names.

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the thumbnail filename is an md5 of the filename. However the filename is the absolute URI to the image (without a newline).

So you need to do:

echo -n 'file:///home/yuzem/pics/foo.jpg' | md5sum

And if it has spaces, you need to convert them to '%20', ex for "foo bar.jpg"

echo -n 'file:///home/yuzem/pics/foo%20bar.jpg' | md5sum

//found here

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I guess that you need to access the thumbnail programatically. You want to use the Gio library.

I haven't been able to find a way to check for the thumbnail and, if it doesn't exist, go for the application icon, so you need to do it in two steps. Here you have a sample (sorry, Python. I'm not fluent in C):

import gio
import gtk

window = gtk.Window(gtk.WINDOW_TOPLEVEL)
hbox = gtk.HBox()

f = gio.File(path='/home/whatever/you/want.jpg')
info = f.query_info('*')

# We check if there's a thumbnail for our file
preview = info.get_attribute_byte_string ("thumbnail::path")

image = None
if preview:
    image = gtk.image_new_from_file (preview)
    # If there's no thumbnail, we check get_icon, who checks the
    # file's mimetype, and returns the correct stock icon.
    icon = info.get_icon()
    image = gtk.image_new_from_gicon (icon, gtk.ICON_SIZE_MENU)

hbox.add (image)

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